Operationalizing Homework with Trello and Google Calendar

4 years and 2000 tasks later, I’m sharing the productivity flow that got me through my undergrad

Who is this for?

Prioritize, Push, Predict

What needs to be done right now?

When can I push a task back?

What risks can I predict in the next two weeks?

Starting with Trello and Tasks

A screenshot of the board view in Trello
My Trello board for the current school term, after parsing through course materials. Read on for a breakdown of what it means. Also yes, each of my boards comes with a pretty picture of Vancouver.

The Board Workflow


A screenshot of a Trello card: “Complete peer review”
A typical task, seen here as a card in Trello. Out of context, it is hard to understand.
A list of labels: Personal, Academic Management, COMM436, CPSC410, CPSC430, CPSC344, CPSC319, Biome, nwPlus, Deadline, Spike
All of the labels that I can use on tasks.

Creating Tasks Quickly

Limitations with Exams

The Secret Sauce: Google Calendar

A screenshot of the week view in Google Calendar
The current week in Google Calendar. It actually looks a bit empty, but to be fair, it’s still the beginning of the term and assignments need to be spiked (the first two tasks on Tuesday are indeed Spike tasks).

Multiple Calendars

  • The dark blue events are tasks synced directly from Trello
  • The light blue events are my classes
  • The purple events are my “true” events — usually with other people
  • The grey events is a rough schedule of things to do that don’t have real outputs.
  • The green events are for my part-time job at the UBC Library and are synced directly from UBC’s work scheduling software

Cronofy Syncing

Final Thoughts




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