4 years and 2000 tasks later, I’m sharing the productivity flow that got me through my undergrad

When I was starting my degree at UBC, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work required by my classes. While some topics were just plain hard to grasp, the main source of my anxiety came from a lack of preparedness. Managing dozens of assignments over a full course load while also staying on top of extra-curriculars is no small feat — and I was ill-equipped to handle it all.

In fact, while the complexity level of my university work is relatively low compared to that of the work I complete while on technical internships, the amount of work…

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become an essential part of any business, especially with the widespread shift to remote work. SaaS companies eliminate the need for businesses to have on-site software, as they offer products which are accessible via web or mobile browser. This means that users can work anywhere, anytime. There are many benefits to using SaaS tools for your businesses, including flexible payment options, adaptability to growth, frequent updates, accessibility from anywhere, and security. Not to mention, they have features designed to enhance your team’s ability to communicate, maximize productivity, and, ultimately, get ahead of your competitors.

Photo: Chris Siebel

How a small team made a big impact on my life and career

I had some pretty lofty ideas about what I’d be working on when I started my second internship at Shopify. Now, as my tenure here winds down, it’s time to reflect on what turned out to be an eight-month long sprint.

Falling in love with the team

For the majority of my time, I worked on what was jokingly considered a minimalist product team of just four people. Actually, we started with just three: a frontend developer (that’s me!), a backend developer (Jess), and a designer (Meg). …

A new adventure where culture meets technology

Starting in May I’ll be rejoining Shopify for a second internship. I’ll be continuing my role as a frontend developer like last summer, but with a twist: Instead of working on the company’s web product as before, I’ll be embedded with Shopify’s Internal Tools and Culture teams to focus on an area I’m intensely passionate about: the intersection of technology and team culture.

Hanging out under Shopify’s mission statement

Understanding how internal platforms and tools influence culture combines both organizational development and software construction – topics that I’ve been chasing throughout my Business and Computer Science degree. …

400 members. 20 events. 14 months. Welcome to BizTech.

If you need some information about UBC BizTech before you read this, check out our 2016 report.

On January 28th, 2016, Alex Lee, the then current co-VP Marketing for UBC BizTech, approached me over Facebook. Alex and I had worked together briefly during my time as BizTech’s First-Year Rep, but this was the first time he had messaged me privately. While the conversation was vague, I could see what he was hinting at — so I cleared my schedule for the next week.

What I didn’t expect was for that week to turn into fourteen months, hundreds of Skype calls…

Chris Bolton


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